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What We Do

Support Group Meetings

The Without Warning program provides support, education and the opportunity for connections with other families who have a person experiencing younger onset Alzheimer's disease. This illness has an impact on everyone in the family and as a result, Without Warning works to support all family members and involved healthcare professionals.

Separate groups are available for the person with Alzheimer's and for the family members.

Currently, the Without Warning groups are meeting online through Zoom. There is weekly group for caregivers, a bi-monthly group for children, and three monthly groups for people with dementia (2 facilitated by a board certified music therapist and one which is more verbal based). 

New members are always welcome. A pre-screening is required to attend the meetings. Email or call Susan Frick at 312-942-5359 for information.

Opportunities to interact through a private message board and outside of the meetings are provided. 

No one should have to walk this journey alone and Without Warning is here to be a resource and support. 


To increase the reach of the Without Warning, several other initiatives were created.

The Without Warning Website

This website shares the experience of group members with a wider audience. Through video clips, personal writings, drawings, and pictures, Without Warning members share their stories and experiences.

Our Documentary
Too Soon to Forget: The Journey of Younger-Onset Alzheimer's Disease

A documentary which shares the experiences of those living with younger onset Alzheimer’s disease and highlights the communities of support which should surround the families throughout the journey. No one should have to face this journey alone. Too Soon to Forget is available as a DVD with Spanish subtitles and on Amazon Prime. The program can be used for community events, staff training and family groups.

For infomation, visit Too Soon to Forget

Support for Dementia Support Group Facilitators
The Toolkit Project

Based on the experience of Without Warning, the Toolkit Project offers Dementia Support Group Facilitators information, resources, and the ability to network with each other. Each group facilitator comes with a wide variety of experiences, education, and comfort in running groups. This website is a valuable resource for all support group leaders to learn and grow in their practice.

For information, visit Toolkit Project